Cooking the Whole Animal (March 16, 2005)
The Beyond Organic Radio Show

Cooking the Whole Animal

For top chefs and trend following foodies, a menu of deep fried calf's eyes, fish sperm crepes and roast bone marrow, is fast becoming the height of haute cuisine. It may mean finding an obscure rat meat recipe from China or making use of organ meat, offal or other parts of an animal that usually get thrown into the trash. Such extreme cooking is spiking the interest of restaurant goers at well-known restaurants around the world. They're finding out that gourmet fare can come from the unlikeliest parts of an animal; that in addition to great taste, "whole animal cooking" reduces waste and breaks down the prejudices of what most people think of as an acceptable cut of meat. Join host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environmental News Network as we learn how whole animal cooking connects to sustainability, the culinary arts and our prejudicial food history.

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