Biotech Food (January 19, 2005)
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Biotech Food

A recent article in the New York Times blames ingorance and irrational fear as the root of the anti-biotech foods movement.

When it comes to fundamentally altering the basic fabric of life, however, it's reasonable to want our regulatory process to provide adequate checks and balances - to prevent corporate influence peddling, as well as to take reasonable precautions to insure that the new science offers more good than harm.

One challenge is to understand the health, environmental and socioeconomic ramifiications of the 'genie', especially when it comes to biotech food issues like:
  • Genetic pollution - with more than 80 million acres of genetically engineered crops in cultivation, it is impossible to prevent contamination of other crops.
  • "Pharming" - a new generation of genetic engineering that inserts medicines into food crops, risking contamination of the food supply.
  • "Terminator" seeds which, unlike anything nature has given us, effectively commit suicide after one generation.
Tune in this week, and join host Jerry Kay of the Environmental News Network, as the Beyond Organic show goes beyond the hype and delves into the science, policies and realities behind biotech foods.

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