Sunday, April 23, 2006

LocalHarvest Founder Nailed in Hit & Run

My good friend Guillermo - the brains and visionary behind LocalHarvest, an invaluable guide to family farms and organic produce - was recently nailed by a hit-and-run drunk driver while out jogging. He ended up in critical condition but, thankfully, has just been released. But hes going to have a tough time during the recovery - which could take up to a year - making ends meet.

Consider using LocalHarvest to purchase some of the food, products and gifts that you were already planning to purchase. Guillermo receives a small percentage of sales.

Or, you can send a check directly to support Guillermo: LocalHarvest, 220 21st Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (not tax-deductible).

Thanks for your support. / Michael Straus


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