Monday, May 29, 2006

Ethnic Farmers - by Andrea Blum

With American farmers suffering from "Old McDonaldization" -- average age is now 55 years old, and younger farmers are few and far between -- a new crop of farmers is gaining increasing importance on the American fields -- immigrant farmers from Laos, Liberia, Turkey, to name a few.

"These days, thereís a lot of talk of illegal immigrants crossing the desert at night, the minutemen and border patrol. The conversation usually drifts toward agriculture. Thereís fear that large-scale farms wonít be able to function without the landless migrant worker.

But there isnít much talk of the legal immigrants and migrants who farm their own land in this country and the critical role these new farmers play in American agriculture."

Read "Ethnic Roots"- a new article by Beyond Organic columnist Andrea Blum.


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