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Beyond Organic - Communist??

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Dear Beyond Organic,

I appreciate getting your newsletter, but I sure don't like your orientation to communism.

I find ironic the article by Andrea Blum about "ethnic farmers". If you read it carefully, you'll see that they are NOT farming their own land, they are not much more than share-croppers on land owned by some institution beholden to govt. one way or another. So America is being Soviet-ized covertly with grants of land tenure to non-whites.

Not one person dares ask why white Christians will not stoop to feed ourselves ? How come every single ethnic group is allowed to refer to its race favourably ... except white Christians.

I guess the mice know that even framing such a question exposes one to prosecution for "hate speech" ?

That article concludes these racial aliens will compose the next generation of 'American farmers", I guess so, as long as they are handed free land and subsidized with welfare to work it. but the resulting multicultural mess won't really be American, will it ?

Exactly as George Orwell warned us, people like Andrea Blum are hard at work, moving the old landmarks of language in increments so that nation forgets what America really means.

Gordon Watson,
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

{Editor's response:
This letter demonstrates the tremendous challenges we face in creating and engaging in intelligent dialog on complex, interconnected environmental, social, and economic issues raised. At the same time, it is a sign that the increasing distribution of our radio show / blog / eNewsletter / articles / podcast is helping us reach "beyond the choir."}


Dear Beyond Organic,

Your coverage of important topics like organic foods, GMOs, and the large agriculture business is fantastic. Your interview style makes it easy for a person unfamiliar with a topic to get a great basic understanding of the issues, and at the same time folks with more experience can also obtain an even greater understanding of the issues from the varied viewpoints covered with interviews from multiple guests.

I download your weekly show to my podcast and listen to it in the car - I absolutely love it! You always have such a great variety of interesting topics, as well as some fascinating guests on the show. I love your interview style and look forward to listening to each show.

This great mix of coverage prompted me to add a link to your site from my web site. I am a health and nutrition counselor in the Southern New Hampshire area inspiring and educating my clients to take care of their bodies and improve their health through food, perspective, and lifestyle changes. I supply my clients with a variety of giveaways including new foods to try, books, and audio lectures that I think will help them to improve their health. I would love to be able to provide them with a few CDs of some select Beyond Organic broadcasts which I think would be enlightening and educational - and a great way to open their eyes to some topics that are more challenging to discuss without statistics or expert interviews (GMOs, organic beef, etc).

I look forward to listening to you and your show far into the future and hope I can share the Beyond Organic experience with many of my clients!

Lisa Smith,
New Hampshire


Anonymous said...

Response via Louise:

That man from British Columbia doesn't have enough to do. How could he think that the government (the communist government, as well) was paying his rent?

No point in trying to change his mind, and you are right, your work is getting out there.

I read in two places this year that what amount to our political views are hard wired at birth. Maybe that is true.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous said...

you??? a commie???



Socialist, likely... but commie?

1:48 PM  
Anonymous said...

Response from Mary:

Your letter writer is truly unhinged. His letter reminds me of the hate mail Al Franken gets Ė most from adolescent boys who donít spell particularly well. I fear intelligent discourse on many subjects is an uphill battle.

Yours truly,

Mary (a white Christian, no less!)
(Northern California)

12:49 PM  

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