Buying Direct from Farmers (May 25, 2005)
The Beyond Organic Radio Show

Buying Direct from Farmers

One of the coolest food trends suffers from a horrible name!

Welcome to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), which combines the freshness of a farmers' market with the convenience of delivery to a neighborhood drop-off point. There are an estimated 1,700 CSAs across the United States, serving about 340,000 families.

CSAs deliver a weekly basket of fresh produce, fruit and often meat, dairy and eggs, introduce, help teach you how to cook new (sometimes unusual) produce, and through a pay-in- advance system, provide farmers with capital to invest at the beginning of the growing season - which is critical especially to small scale, specialty and organic farmers.

This Wednesday, join host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environmental News Network ( as we find out exactly how CSA's work, meet some of the people involved and find out you can connect with a farmer in your own area.

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