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    Maine Public Schools 'pop' the Soda Sales Bubble
    In the state of Maine, public schools 'can' soda and 'Super Sizing.'

    Public Schools & Junk Food Money
    With increasing rates of childhood obesity and diabetes, can local communities legislate healthy food?

    Edible Communities
    Across America, a new magazine takes root with Local Foods.

    Farmer John Goes to Hollywood
    Midwestern farmer John Peterson has been called a maverick, a philosopher and a devil worshipper.

    Katrina / Impact on Local Foods
    As Louisiana recovers from Katrina, which local foods will be the most affected?

    Katrina / Impact on Farmers
    Louisiana Farmers struggle to recover in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

    Saving Endangered Foods
    Approximately 97 percent of the vegetable varieties grown in 1900 are now extinct. What can be done?

    Tiny Vegetable Gardens, Huge Harvests
    New approaches to vegetable gardening which produce amazing results.

    Saving Trees with Recycled Plastic
    Wooden pallets are found everywhere - from UPS, to grocery stores, to factories. Are there better alternatives?

    Paper or Plastic?
    Get to the heart of this daily dilemma, with stunning examples of International environmental consequences.



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