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    Testimonials & Endorsements

    I love your newsletter! I also forwarded it to friends and coworkers!
    Yoav, San Francisco, CA

    The 90 second podcast is a great idea. I subscribe to the full hour show but rarely listen cuz it's hard to find a block of time to get through it.
    Rob E., San Francisco, CA

    I'm a regular listener to your program and enjoy the interviews on your show. I've learned quite a bit about organic farming, socially responsible investing, and even about the national wide frog survey.
    Jason, St. Maries, ID

    Great show on the green subsidies & taxes.
    Ryan Z., AK

    Beyond Organic is great show, glad to have discovered it!
    Nadine B., Weybridge, VT

    Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents on Beyond Organic. I truly love the variety of topics, the professional interviews, and your ability to make the topics understandable even to us "newbies". I'm 40 years old and only recently realizing that living a fruitful life takes a little bit more thought and effort than accepting the status quo that society offers us. Your show is helping me to work for a better way of life for myself and my community. I am hearing stories that I don't get to hear any where else. I got an mp3 player for Christmas and now I have this great opportunity to choose quality, enriching, programming to listen to. Beyond Organic is at the top of my list.
    Susan P., Atlanta, GA

    I just listened to the 11/16/06 show on organic standards. Thanks for helping to clarify this issue for all of us—it's a pretty confusing subject but I do feel like I understand the issues at stake better now. This was the first Beyond Organic show I've listened to, but I'll surely tune in again.
    Joe, Eastsound, WA

    I enjoy listening to you on my Sirius radio every chance I get. You do a great job and have very interesting programs. Thanks for your time and effort in bringing environmental news to your listeners. I wish there were more shows like yours to help spread news on environmental issues.
    Rick F., Owensboro, KY

    As any talk radio junkie would do, I spent the greater part of my afternoon listening to some of your archived programs. You are covering some great issues and are supported by some fantastic speakers!
    Caron O., San Francisco, CA

    I love your show - it has inspired my husband and me to change the way we look at things and carve out a little organic corner of our own in the world. It is good to not hear a biased view on this subject and it is one of the reasons I keep coming back.
    Janet V., Corbeil, Ontario, Canada

    I just wanted to send you a thank-you for provifing such informative, helpful programming. To know that resources such as yours are out there to help us recapture, retain, and maintain a simpler, whole life style is encouraging in light of the despair felt my many of us for the greed and irresponsibilities of some companies.
    Catherine G., Olympia, WA

    I thought your Slow Food program was one of your most exceptional programs... You have a great knack of drawing out the best in your guest, extracting the most salient information in a warm, pleasant and sometimes humorous manner... you give us the information to make us think.
    Darrell “Tomato Man” Merrill, Tulsa, OK

    You deserve a huge thank you for producing the raw milk show, I only wish it could go on CNN and all the other stations to light up the media blackout!
    Anne H., Boulder, CO

    Beyond Organic is awesome! - it's exactly what's needed to push all of this to the next level.
    Thomas N., Esparto, CA

    Ya'll may finally have taken things a bit too far [Cooking the Whole Animal]... I suppose I have to tune in an see!
    Elizabeth B., Jacksonville, OR

    I really love your shows and they are so important... keep up the good work!
    Buddy M., Dallax, TX

    We wanted to let you know how impressed we are by you, your team, your commitment and your show. It is truly an honor for us to be associated with people of your caliber.
    Jim H., Middletown MD

    What a great website! To be honest, I didn't know about the radio show or this website. I will be very happy reading all the information on there. It's exactly what I have been looking for.
    Janie F., San Francisco, CA

    As committed as I am, I struggle to convert to a sustainable lifestyle. We need to start providing a roadmap. You do great work, please keep it up.
    Matt K., Cumming, GA

    I enjoy your program immensely and look forward to the next one!
    Tony P., Spokane, WA

    I just enjoy the hell out of your show.
    Emile D, Columbia, SC

    Thanks for all you do.
    Brad S., Austin, TX

    It is... refreshing to know that your show is educating the public on the differences in farm raised, Atlantic and Wild Alaskan Salmon.
    James G., Soldotna, AK

    You guys rock!
    Ken B., La Honda, CA

    Jerry - as host, you were outstanding; keeping the [Organic Marijuana] show on track and making it interesting and pertinent.
    Eric N., British Columbia, Canada

    Deborah M., Banning, CA

    We [listen to] your excellent show over the Icicle Network.
    Carol G., Minneapolis, MN

    Thanks for your ongoing outstanding work.
    Terry G., Minneapolis, MN

    I enjoy your program immensely and look forward to the next one!
    Tony P., Spokane, WA

    BO is a good show! Keep up the good work!
    Rex D., Davis, CA

    Thanks for the great information!
    Sydnia C., Austin, TX

    Just !@#$% tell us what to do already!
    Amanda S., San Francisco, CA

    I'm a grass farmer selling grassfed beef in southern Colorado. Trying to make a living on a small ranch in the middle of this curse we in southern Colorado are enjoying called "development". 30 yrs ago when I was just a pup this ranch was one of the smallest in the valley - now it's one of the very few left. How to remain a working economical and ecological ranch in today's world is the challenge for us. Anyway - I was curious about your show - it might be something that I would want to steer my customers to.
    Steve O., Cotopaxi, CO

    This is realllly cool! I'm looking forward to tuning in on a regular basis.
    Shoshana R., Berkeley, CA

    I listen to NPR daily, all day, and enjoy it thoroughly. It's the ONLY intelligent station on the airwaves here in rural Northern Illinois and you belong on it!
    Sterling C., Northern IL

    This is amazing stuff - thanks!
    Doug W., Tel Aviv, Israel

    I'm so excited that you'll be talking about the high-price of organic food and address the implications of high-priced organics %#151; meaning, mostly white, wealthy people are eating it, leaving the poor, and lower middle-class to eat foods that may have more preservatives and less nutritional value.
    Sharon R., Somewhere on the East Coast

    I had been wanting to know which seafood is more sustainable and found [your] show extremely useful.
    Scott E., San Francisco, CA

    Your show is one of a kind. It pushes me into action!
    Karl L., Charlotte, NC

    I have been meaning to write and say how great the Beyond Organic Radio show is! Such a great resource of archived interviews and information, all of which is timely and important. More people should know about it. More media outlets should carry such stories. It's a little bit like Democracy Now for the eco-minded.
    Laura T., Ft. Collins, CO

    We will move into our first house in a few days and for the first time we will be able to grow our own garden! Your show is a great inspiration to me, and an important reminder of what really matter most.
    Morten S., Trondheim, Norway

    The Beyond Organic program on cotton ... is super interesting!
    Kari H., Berkeley, CA

    Such a sweet roster of shows ... good topics, provocative speakers, interesting angles. Yahoo!
    Lisa H., Mill Valley, CA

    I visited your web page and love the show.
    Eduardo B., Bonn, Germany

    I love the shows you do.
    Mike W., El Sobrante, CA

    These are great emails & last night I listened to one of the programs - excellent. I am glad to be on the mailing list!
    Maria P., San Francisco, CA

    You guys are going like a house on fire ... great show!
    Phyllis F., Mill Valley, CA

    Thank you for your awesome show!
    Francene O., Ojai, CA

    I love that I'm receiving these updates!! ... and I really love the cabbage with headset's awesome.
    Patti W., San Francisco, CA

    You are doing excellent work!!!
    Bob B., San Luis Obispo, CA

    Podcast? Cool, now I can listen to your show "down under"!
    Ben C., Melbourne, Australia

    I've recently discovered your radio show via the internet and have really been enjoying your archived shows. Thanks for a great show!
    Andy M., Raleigh, NC

    You rock ... thanks for all you do!
    Elizabeth B., Jacksonville, OR



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