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    Monday, June 19, 2006

    Beyond Organic Radio - Fighting Global Warming with Community

    If rising sea levels, melting glaciers and intensifying tropical storms have you shouting at all those in power who are still ignoring global warming, take heart.

    “The reason Europeans use half as much energy as we do is not because they have better technology,” says Bill McKibben, renowned environmentalist and author. “It’s because they have better communities.”

    Join host Jerry Kay, as Mckibben makes the connection between global warming and hyperindividualism, and hear what John Bailey of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance thinks local communities can do to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

    Click here to listen to this radio show.

    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Comfort Food on Beyond Organic Radio

    For many people, the phrase “comfort food” conjures up images of hearty portions of meat and potatoes or the smells of rich cakes and cookies just coming out of the oven.

    Vegetarian chef Eric Tucker is no stranger to this philosophy, creating healthy veggie cuisine that leaves patrons of San Francisco's award-winning Millennium restaurant well satisfied.

    Join host Jerry Kay, as we discuss the emotional, nutritional and even biological connections that we have with comfort cuisine, learn about healthy alternatives and see how Slow Food USA is mapping America’s traditional regional foods.

    Click here to learn more and to listen to the show.

    Sunday, June 04, 2006

    Beyond Organic - Communist??

    {Dear Readers -- We love getting your feedback, even (or especially) when we've struck a nerve. Obviously, the views expressed in Letters don't necessarily represent the opinions of the Beyond Organic team, sponsors or advertisers. Send your comments to or post via the Comments link at the bottom of each Blog entry}

    Dear Beyond Organic,

    I appreciate getting your newsletter, but I sure don't like your orientation to communism.

    I find ironic the article by Andrea Blum about "ethnic farmers". If you read it carefully, you'll see that they are NOT farming their own land, they are not much more than share-croppers on land owned by some institution beholden to govt. one way or another. So America is being Soviet-ized covertly with grants of land tenure to non-whites.

    Not one person dares ask why white Christians will not stoop to feed ourselves ? How come every single ethnic group is allowed to refer to its race favourably ... except white Christians.

    I guess the mice know that even framing such a question exposes one to prosecution for "hate speech" ?

    That article concludes these racial aliens will compose the next generation of 'American farmers", I guess so, as long as they are handed free land and subsidized with welfare to work it. but the resulting multicultural mess won't really be American, will it ?

    Exactly as George Orwell warned us, people like Andrea Blum are hard at work, moving the old landmarks of language in increments so that nation forgets what America really means.

    Gordon Watson,
    Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

    {Editor's response:
    This letter demonstrates the tremendous challenges we face in creating and engaging in intelligent dialog on complex, interconnected environmental, social, and economic issues raised. At the same time, it is a sign that the increasing distribution of our radio show / blog / eNewsletter / articles / podcast is helping us reach "beyond the choir."}


    Dear Beyond Organic,

    Your coverage of important topics like organic foods, GMOs, and the large agriculture business is fantastic. Your interview style makes it easy for a person unfamiliar with a topic to get a great basic understanding of the issues, and at the same time folks with more experience can also obtain an even greater understanding of the issues from the varied viewpoints covered with interviews from multiple guests.

    I download your weekly show to my podcast and listen to it in the car - I absolutely love it! You always have such a great variety of interesting topics, as well as some fascinating guests on the show. I love your interview style and look forward to listening to each show.

    This great mix of coverage prompted me to add a link to your site from my web site. I am a health and nutrition counselor in the Southern New Hampshire area inspiring and educating my clients to take care of their bodies and improve their health through food, perspective, and lifestyle changes. I supply my clients with a variety of giveaways including new foods to try, books, and audio lectures that I think will help them to improve their health. I would love to be able to provide them with a few CDs of some select Beyond Organic broadcasts which I think would be enlightening and educational - and a great way to open their eyes to some topics that are more challenging to discuss without statistics or expert interviews (GMOs, organic beef, etc).

    I look forward to listening to you and your show far into the future and hope I can share the Beyond Organic experience with many of my clients!

    Lisa Smith,
    New Hampshire

    Wednesday, May 31, 2006

    This Week on Beyond Organic - Farmer John Goes Hollywood

    Midwestern farmer John Peterson has been called a maverick, a philosopher and a devil worshipper for his approach to life, art and organic vegetable growing. Now, his story is hitting the big screen as a documentary film.

    "The Real Dirt on Farmer John," follows Peterson's transformation from a straight laced farm boy to the eccentric owner of one of the largest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operations in the country.

    The movie has won kudos from Al Gore and Roger Ebert while racking up film festival awards.

    Join host Jerry Kay, as we learn all about the new film and hear Farmer John's opinions on some of Beyond Organic’s favorite topics including: the cost of organics, biodynamic farming and GMO's.

    Click here to listen to the interview.

    Monday, May 29, 2006

    Ethnic Farmers - by Andrea Blum

    With American farmers suffering from "Old McDonaldization" -- average age is now 55 years old, and younger farmers are few and far between -- a new crop of farmers is gaining increasing importance on the American fields -- immigrant farmers from Laos, Liberia, Turkey, to name a few.

    "These days, there’s a lot of talk of illegal immigrants crossing the desert at night, the minutemen and border patrol. The conversation usually drifts toward agriculture. There’s fear that large-scale farms won’t be able to function without the landless migrant worker.

    But there isn’t much talk of the legal immigrants and migrants who farm their own land in this country and the critical role these new farmers play in American agriculture."

    Read "Ethnic Roots"- a new article by Beyond Organic columnist Andrea Blum.

    Sunday, May 21, 2006

    This week on Beyond Organic - Gulf Coast Cough

    An estimated 100,000 homes in New Orleans suffered severe flooding when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast last fall.

    According to Dr. Gina Solomon, a senior scientist with the National Resources Defense Council, those homes are now contaminated with a mold growth that could pose a serious health hazard to over 20 percent of the population.

    Join host Jerry Kay, as we hear about Dr. Solomon’s recent research trip to New Orleans. We’ll also find out how Eric Schmeltzer and his group of former congressional and EPA staff are using a watchdog blog to cut through government spin on Gulf Coast environmental health.

    Click here to listen and find out more.

    Saturday, April 29, 2006

    Check Out These Books

    There's a revolution in food journalism ... check out these excellent new books:



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