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    Why grass fed beef?

    "Eating meat," wrote Michael Pollan in Power Steer, a New York Times Magazine cover story, "has become problematic in recent years."

    From Mad Cow and E. Coli, to antibiotic usage, factory farms and unsafe labor conditions, there is a increasing awareness of, and market for, 'natural' beef - including 'grass fed' beef.

    Unlike the vast majority of the beef on the grocery shelves, grass fed cattle are raised exclusively in the pasture / rangelands - absent supplemental feeds such as corn, and medications including hormones and antibiotics.

    Grass fed beef is often lower in total fat content, has higher levels of vitamin E and beta carotene. It also contains two health-promoting fats called omega-3 fatty acids that meat from grain fed cattle doesn't have.

    Recent research also indicates that a return to traditional grazing may be better for the environment, providing natural weed control, and even protecting the watersheds that supply our drinking water.

    Tune in this Wednesday, as host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environmental News Network, takes an in-depth look at grass fed beef and finds out about some of the lesser known benefits from raising cattle naturally.

    This Week's Guests:

    Michael Pollan — Author/Journalism Professor, UC Berkeley

    A contributing writer to the New York Times, Pollan's investigative journalism pieces on the meat industry have been a driving force behind mainstream interest in grass fed alternatives. He's also the author of The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World; A Place of My Own; and Second Nature. Currently, he's the Knight Professor of Journalism at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism.

    Ernest Phinney — General Manager, Western Grasslands Beef

    Phinney began marketing grassfed beef from his own ranch in 1994. He currently markets and manages Western Grasslands Beef for Western Grasslands, Inc. a cooperative made up of primarily Northern California ranchers that supply upscale restaurants and supermarkets.

    Brian Leahy — Executive Director, California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD)

    Leahy is Executive Director of CARCD, a non-profit organization that works with federal and state agencies and the public on conservation issues. They tackle agriculture, forestry, watershed protection, soil quality and urban conservation.

    More information:

  • Read Michael Pollan's NY Times story Power Steer
  • Read about Factory Farms
  • Recent research from California Agriculture
  • Read Pollan's article on sustainable meat eating
  • Visit Western Grasslands Beef.
  • Learn more about CARCD's work

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