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    Green Fuels: Biodiesel

    With gas and diesel prices costing more than $3 per gallon in some parts of California, commercial fleets are increasingly turning to Biodiesel as a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly alternative.

    Biodiesel is made from recycled French fry cooking oil, as well as being produced from soybeans, canola and other crops.

    Since 2001, production of biodiesel has doubled, reducing Ozone-depleting engine emissions and increased engine performance. These benefits have been cited by a growing cadre of supporters, ranging from community activists to major petroleum companies.

    Join host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environmental News Network as we learn about the current status and future of this popular alternative fuel.

    This Week's Guests:

    Dave Williamson — Biodiesel Broker & Fleet Use Pioneer

    Dave is the former operations manager of the Berkeley Ecology Center, the city’s curbside recyclables collector. The Ecology Center is both one of the oldest recycling programs in the United States and one of the first fleets to use pure biodiesel in its trucks, which it started doing in March 2001. Dave has 17 years of experience in the solid waste field and has recently joined a company called Orange Diesel which brokers biodiesel wholesale in California.

    Ryan Lamberg — Vice President, Community Fuels

    Ryan is Community Fuels vice president and communication director.  He is responsible for communications, restaurant recycling, state regulations and staff training.  Ryan is also a recognized subject expert in fair trade initiatives and has extensive relationships with Central American and regional agricultural community as well as the larger biodiesel grassroots’ network.

    Community Fuels collects recyclable waste cooking oils and blends them with virgin oils as the primary inputs to produce high quality biodiesel fuel.

    Stephenie Hendricks — Biodiesel Car Owner

    Stephenie is a mother and radio and television producer. Her first book, "Divine Destruction," about the New Christian Right's ideology and its impact on environmental policies of the government and American culture will be published in September 2005 by Melville House Books.

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